Pitch to investors

Pitch to investors

Public Speaking

date April 7, 2021 location Online duration 18:00 - 20:00 (CEST)

You are developing a Startup that requires financial support?
The idea to present your company before potential investors make you feel unconfident or nervous?
Want to learn how to speak persuasively and turn any jury’s question into your benefit?
Register for workshop “Pitch to investors” to discover this and much more useful advice that will make your pitch stand out from the crowd. This workshop is intended for entrepreneurs currently looking or consider asking for investment which includes pitching an idea. The workshop is also relevant to those who want to step into entrepreneurship and discover the concept of pitching.

After this workshop you will know:
• What are the most important elements of a successful pitch;
• How to behave on stage;
• Responding to the questions in a way that generates trust to investors;
A strategic approach to your body language and voice;
• Which techniques you should use for overcoming public speaking anxiety

• Introductory discussion;
• Lecture: What is an effective pitch;
• Communication with an investor in case of any questions;
Analysis of good pitch delivery examples;
• Brake;
• Body language exercises;
• Voice exercises;
• Preparation of participants to pitch;
• Pitching and evaluation of participants

The deadline for registration is April 05. 23:00 (CEST).
See you!