What is public speaking?

There are countless attempts to describe this ancient, yet still underresearched skill.

My definition is very simple and easy to remember. Public speaking is power to influence using only words.

It is already proved that strengthening public speaking skills can significantly improve otherareas of personal and professional life. Good speakers have more promotion chances and build healthy relationships with people around them.

Historical figures like Alexander the Great, Marcus Tullius Cicero and Winston Churchill were all leaders in different times and fields. But guess what they had in common. Ability to deliver speeches that drive changes.

We provide variety of public speaking trainings and workshops suitable to your needs, time and budget. They are all designed to make you speak confidently, clearly and without any fear.

Captivating audience is the only way to get heard, and GlobalSpeak can show you how to do just that.

GlobalSpeak teach proved strategies, used for decades and even centuries by: Actors, sales persons, stand-up comedians, politicians and many more professionals to deliver speeches that persuades. When learning from GlobalSpeak, students also get access to the latest public speaking trends, because we constantly expand the knowledge and choose only the best methods for you.

Our courses are highly customized and applicable to any type of speaking occasions.

Mostly online. There is no person with the same learning preferences, so GlobalSpeak came out with several possible training solutions. If you enjoy studying at your own pace, feel free to grab one of our cost effective but very powerful Udemy courses. However, you will receive personalized approach and get access to much more exercises as well as presentation strategies when attending custom made virtual Live trainings, developed and led by your main instructor Lazar Bulatovic.

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