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GlobalSpeak helps people: Speak confidently in front of an audience or colleagues, deliver compelling pitches that boost fundraising chances, present at conferences or panels, and Speak with poise to the media. We offer a variety of training options suitable to particular needs. Whether you want to learn at your own pace, attend virtual Live Courses, host us to do coaching at your place or have the customized training, we teach at your convenience. All training is practice-based, and participants have the opportunity to speak from the very first session. Many audio and video examples are also included, helping students master the presentation skills as easily as possible.

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We believe that everyone including you has public speaking skills, yet in most cases, they are not developed enough. Public speaking is quite hard. You need to overcome fear and talk in a way that engages your audience. Body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions are also the key elements of a successful speech that are not easy to master without appropriate support.

You need a coach who knows how to take you to your next level of public speaking skills by teaching you methods that actually work.

All exercises and strategies practiced here are well tested. Instead of explaining dubious presentation techniques, we provide you tactics that bring quick, long-lasting results. They already helped thousands of people learn to speak confidently, and we are sure they will work for you.


Of people are afraid of public speaking, we make your speaking experience enjoyable.


Of audiances appreciate speakers ending on time, you will know when to finish your speech.

15 seconds

The first impression is formed within 15 seconds, we will show you how to start strong

8-10 minutes

The average audience attention span is only 8-10 minutes, learning how to connect with audience has never been easier.

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GlobalSpeak is founded to help people impact their lives with public speaking. It is proven that compelling speakers have more chances for professional and personal growth. Lazar, a principal coach witnessed countless situations where people who knew how to present properly are way better at closing business deals compared to those who lack public speaking skills. Good speakers coming from business, sales, theater, and other fields were asked to share tips they use to present with ease. Only the best strategies are selected which are now at your disposal. GlobalSpeak works on researching public speaking strategies, and new resources are constantly added to our internal database. We are connected with the world’s most important speaking organizations, which allows us access to many closed events making us your first and foremost public speaking knowledge source.

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