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GlobalSpeak is here to help you deliver speeches and presentations that the audience will remember. We coach: Project managers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, corporate as well as political leaders, and many more to present to the public with ease. Our science-based strategies already helped thousands of people become outstanding speakers, and they will definitely work for you.

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Whether you want to learn at your own pace, attend virtual group course, or have us build the training from scratch just for you is matter of choice.

Video courses

Master the public speaking from any place you feel convenient without considering your pace and time.

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Virtual Live trainings

Public speaking classes in small group of students with personalized support and feedback.

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In-house training

Experience public speaking training tailored to your organization conducted in person.

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Custom made package

A unique highly effective training, specially designed from zero, made completely according to your needs and requirements.

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Public speaking workshops

Workshops dedicated to various speaking occasions with a lot of practical tips you can use right away.

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Success Stories

What do our clients say about working with us? Learn how we helped them and what we can do for you or your team to make you deliver effective public speeches and presentations.

My proffession requires strong public speaking skills. Knowing how to present helps me convey information, thoughts, as well as share with others what I’m currently working on. I wanted my audience to understand what I’m talking about and therefore applied to one of Lazar’s public speaking workshops. I discovered useful speaking tips and detected pain points where I still need improvement. I also confirmed what I’m doing well, which honestly encouraged me to continuously develop the public speaking skills.

– Janja Barlekovic METRO Cash and Carry, Serbia

Recently I had an opportunity to attend Lazar’s "Public speaking for trainers" workshop/course. As an HR trainer and facilitator I’m constantly working on improving my skills and Lazar was very experienced in spotting my weak points. He gave me a lot of tools to work with so I can grow as a trainer. He challenged me a lot, staying right by my side. He really well takes who you are and knows how to help you develop public speaking skills. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to guide me through this journey. Thankyou Lazar, and I hope to work with you again.

– Vanja Sretkovic, HR trainer and facilitator, EOS Matrix

Lazar held a training for JCI members on our team building, and it was very interactive. Lecture was short but it was a good teaser. He showed us to pay attention to body movement during presentation and how to control the voice, which we all find very important. The most interesting part was experiment where we had to look each other in the eyes and see what happens when you do it and what happens when you don’t. All has been done in a pretty good relaxing and friendly atmosphere, and I think that the lecturer is the one who credited for this.

– Kristina Gligorovic, Head of Operations, Two Pilots

I attended crisis communication workshop led by Lazar. My job involves improving position of vulnerable groups, especially in the context of Covid-19, so I got many strategies for further communication in this crisis period. I learned to take difficult interviewing questions and make my message clearin public. Body language techniques and behavior advices that unconsciously causes media to work for you were very useful. If you want to prepare for media interaction during crisis events, this workshop is the right choice.

– Dragana Vinkić Education Coordinator, Social Inclusion Unit in Serbian gov.

I often present networking solutions to existing and new clients. Those tasks would always upset me, so I registered for Lazar’s cource “Speak for your welth”. He noticed my biggest problems I.e. lack of skills for explaining understandably and some body language obstacles. After only 2 classes, I became more confident in public speaking. Techniques for being influencial speaker Lazar teaches really work, and I still utalise them even after months since training completion”. I now speak much better and achieve more for the company I work in.

– Zoran Antoncic, Senior Network Engineer, IT 011

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It’s not important if you can’t imagine yourself giving a speech, or you are a seasoned speaker who wants to polish your skills, we have a solution for you.

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July 8th, 2021 (5pm CET)

Learn to speak with freedom

Want to work on overcoming your public speaking fear or simply improve presentation skills? In this Zoom InTalk, Lazar Bulatovic will show you practical exercises you can use right away to speak confidently in public! After this event, you will understand what is public speaking, learn basic techniques on adjusting your body language and voice, and be able to reduce anxiety when presenting. Join this event and learn how to deliver presentations that the audience will remember!

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For any training concerns or advices, we offer you free 20min consultation with Lazar, your next presentation skills coach.

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